1 History | Metalurgie Rumburk s.r.o.


  • foundry was established in 1903
  • foundry produced castings for textile machinery, with castings for the Arno Plauert Maschinenfabrik accounting for another significant part of production, the foundry was employing 100 people
  • in 1945, the foundry was confiscated and national administration imposed
  • from 1st January 1947, the foundry was subordinated to the North-Bohemian Engineering and Foundry Company in Prague.
  • during 1947, the company Thiele became part of the newly established Textilstroj national enterprise in Rumburk consisting also of the plants Rutewe Rumburk and Roscher Jiříkov
  • 20 December 1949 – an arrangement between Textilstroj and TOS Varnsdorf, based on which the equipment was taken over by Textilstroj and the emptied facilities by TOS
  • in 1950, equipment from the foundry of the former company Bönisch in Varnsdorf was moved to the Rumburk foundry
  • on 1 January 1950, all the facilities of Thiele were included into the newly established national enterprise TOS Varnsdorf as its Plant 02 - Foundry Rumburk
  • the number of employees after the fusion achieved 188
  • foundry buildings and machinery were largely obsolete and the plant was not able to meet the demand from its parent company (300 tons monthly)
  • due to outdated facilities and equipment, exceeding of environmental guidelines, small capacity etc., its discontinuation was seriously considered on several occasions (e.g. in 1978 and in the early nineties).
  • after 1989, TOS Varnsdorf (state enterprise) was privatized, including the Rumburk foundry as its part
  • the state enterprise rented the foundry to a French company for a period of two years, then its name Rumburk Castings was used
  • in February 1996, the foundry became the limited company METALURGIE Rumburk s.r.o., with the newly established joint stock company TOS VARNSDORF a.s. as its owner
  • 1999 - Sogemi 12t rotary drum furnace
  • in 2000, the melting unit§ was adapted – two cold-blast cupola furnaces§ were replaced by a 12t SOGEMI gas rotary furnace, the technology of self-hardening mixtures – furans – was implemented together with comprehensive regeneration of the furan binder system and IMF forming mixture mixers§ 8t, 10t, 20t
  • during 2001-2008, investments were made into the Schlick shot blaster, central changing rooms, administration building and main production hall
  • in 2008, the overall foundry central nave was redeveloped
  • in 2010, production of ductile iron was launched in cooperation of TOS Olomouc and Gleason, as well as the Progelta modification station intended for production of spheroidal graphite irons
  • in August 2010, METALURGIE Rumburk was affected by a severe flood, water damaged the foundry, the model warehouse, and the administration building ground floor, with the overall cost of CZK 40 million
  • in 2012, redevelopment of the side forming hall and HVAC took place, the light forming shop was erected, and the Q4 TASMAN optical emission spectrometer was purchased
  • 2014 - WÖHR 8t forming mixture mixer
  • 2016 - 2016 – WÖHR 10t forming mixture mixer upgraded
  • 2018–2020 – erection of two-nave casting cleaning plant, new heavy core plant hall, 25t shake-out grate, 5t rotary smelting furnace, Spolmont painting plant, STEM suspension blaster
Metalurgie Rumburk s.r.o.