Materials and melting units

  • Liquid metal is produced in an accurate way: in modern rotary drum furnaces
  • Smelting furnaces:
    • SOGEMI 12 t rotary drum furnace
      • output 12 t of LM/batch
    • HTT 5 t rotary drum furnace
      • output 5 t LM/batch
  • Metallurgy equipment for production of spheroidal graphite cast irons:
    • PROGELTA metallurgy station
      • modification – filled profile
      • inoculation – filled profile
      • max. processed volume of LM - 5 t-6 t
  • Natural gas and oxygen burner and control system from AIR PRODUCTS
  • Ductile iron (SGI) is produced using a filled profile metallurgy station with suction and two feeders for modification and inoculation profiles (Progelta It.).
  • All batch materials used have a certified quality.
  • The composition of liquid metal is monitored as follows in order to meet all applicable standards:
    • by Tasman Q4 spark emission spectrometer integrated with the OPTI foundry management system
    • by turbidity tests in order to verify inoculation results
    • by metallographic polishing (subcontracted)
    • by thermal analysis for interpretation of metal cooling curve (subcontracted)
  • Castings are produced from the following materials:

LGI – grey iron

cast iron references in individual standards tensile strength Rm [MPa] hardness HB max
ČSN EN 1561 ČSN DIN 1691 ASTM A48
EN-GJL-150 42 2415 GG-15 Class 25 150 200
EN-GJL-200 42 2420 GG-20 Class 30 200 220
EN-GJL-250 42 2425 GG-25 Class 35 250 240
EN-GJL-300 42 2430 GG-30 Class 40 300 260
EN-GJL-350 42 2435 GG-35 Class 45 350 270

Maximum grey iron casting weight – 15 000 kg.

SGI – ductile iron

cast iron references in individual standards tensile strength Rm [MPa] ductility A5min [%] hardness HB max
ČSN EN 1561 ČSN DIN 1691 ASTM A48
EN-GJS-400-15 42 2304 GGG-40 Gr. 65-45-12 400 12 130-175
EN-GJS-500-7 42 2305 GGG-50 Gr. 70-50-05 500 7 170-230
EN-GJS-600-3 42 2306 GGG-60 Gr. 80-60-03 600 3 190-270
EN-GJS-700-2 42 2307 GGG-70 Gr. 100-70-03 700 2 225-305

Maximum ductile iron casting weight – 5 000 kg.

Foundry overall production capacity – 6 000 tons/year.

Melting units 5 t and 12 t

Modification station

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