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Foundry METALURGIE Rumburk s.r.o. is a traditional grey iron (lamellar graphite iron – LGI) and ductile iron (spheroidal graphite iron – SGI) foundry with many years of experience in single-piece and small series manufacturing of castings intended for construction of machine tools. Castings for construction machinery, food processing industry etc. are also produced.

The foundry is located within the northern promontory of Czechia, adjacent to the border crossing to Germany.

Significant investments into production capacities and advanced technologies:

  • 1999 - Sogemi 12t rotary drum furnace
  • 2000 - IMF mixers 8t,10t,20t
  • 2000 - introduction of self-hardening mixture technologies
  • 2000 - comprehensive regeneration system (regeneration of furan resins)
  • 2003 - Schlick shot blaster
  • 2008 - overall redevelopment of foundry central nave
  • 2010 - Progelta modification station
  • 2014 - new WÖHR mixers 8t and 10t
  • 2018–2020 – erection of a two-nave casting cleaning plant, the new heavy core plant hall, shake-out grate 25t, rotary smelting furnace 5t, Spolmont painting plant, STEM suspension blaster
Metalurgie Rumburk s.r.o.
Certified System CQS ISO 9001
Certified Management System IQNet

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